ExaVoice – Truly Flexible Internet Telephony
VoIP (Internet Telephony) is a useful technology for schools and businesses which replaces physical phone exchanges with a digital alternative, transmitting data via your Internet connection, and can significantly cut costs, along with many other benefits.


With schools and academies having to make a tremendous number of calls across the year, costs rack up quickly with traditional phone systems, often creating some significant trouble for budgets. With VoIP, however, schools can hugely cut the cost of their calls while bringing in some effective and highly useful additional features.
Exa designed ExaVoice to be an absolutely ideal VoIP service for schools. From the start, ExaVoice removes hardware costs, while cutting down on the cost of making calls. Exa don’t offer limited options for their service – Exa let you design a custom VoIP package that covers absolutely everything you need with no charges for anything you don’t require.
Designed to be completely flexible and scalable, ExaVoice lets teachers make calls using your school’s number when they’re on the go, while letting you set up automatic announcements, emergency continuity and far more.

From physical equipment costs to call charges, the cost of making calls from your business can rack up quickly with a traditional phone system, leaving many businesses unnecessarily out of pocket. With VoIP, companies can typically significantly reduce their phone costs, while introducing powerful new features and advantages.
There’s no better choice for business VoIP than Exa Networks.
ExaVoice VoIP solution is designed for complete customisability, letting you build VoIP packages that perfectly match your requirements – and change those at almost any time to ensure that you always get the bespoke service that can best benefit your business.
With ExaVoice, it’s easy to make calls from your company’s number while on the go – ideal for travelling employees, while also setting up emergency continuity and announcements, along with introducing effective call analytics through our online panel.