Exa one of the only ISPs delivering bespoke Internet services, Exa Networks bring incredible performance and complete customisability to thousands of schools and businesses across the UK,
often significantly cutting costs while improving performance across the board.
Whether you’re looking for high-speed connectivity, custom Wide Area Network design, or any of the other services they provide,
there’s really no better choice than Exa Networks, with market-leading performance, low costs and award-winning service.

Exa Foundation
Computing Support from
Designed to Inspire, Support and Promote Computing in and around schools, is a not-for-profit organisation funded by Exa,
and run a huge number of events around the country, from lessons for students to teacher CPD, family-focused events and far more!
A lot of the events that Exa foundation runs are designed primarily for Exa schools.

Surfprotect Content filtering
Content filtering is a fundamentally important service for all schools and academies, allowing you to take control over how your Internet connection is used, keeping students safe online.
It’s important to have an effective content filtering service, and that’s exactly what SurfProtect Quantum provides.

Bringing Schools Better Internet Services
There’s a few major reasons why Exa Networks is one of the leading ISPs for education. They deliver better-performing Internet services than local authorities and other ISPs, while charging schools less,
giving them more choices, and working to meet their specific needs.
Exa supply thousands of schools and academies across the UK with Internet services, from powerful connectivity to completely customisable content filtering,
web hosting, online safeguarding, and far more services.